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Topic: Senior Class Wednesday
Time: Sep 23, 2020 04:30 PM Auckland, Wellington
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Update 21 Sept: Classes this week: With the latest alert level update Wednesday Seniors will remain on Zoom but Thursday Juniors and Advanced will be at Blockhouse Bay Primary! Shrek starts from Saturday - see schedule in post below on this page.

ZOOM links for today:
Topic: Junior Thursday Class
Time: Sep 17, 2020 03:45 PM Auckland, Wellington
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Topic: Advanced Class Thursday
Time: Sep 17, 2020 04:30 PM Auckland, Wellington
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Update: 15 Sept: Hi All. The PM's update confirms as planned that classes will continue online this term and Shrek will not rehearse in person until the start of the School holidays. There will be no online rehearsals for Shrek but watch out for some challenges to keep your head in the game.  Same times: Wed 4.30 for seniors, Thurs 3.45 for Juniors, Thurs 4.30 for Advanced. Labour weekend there will be some FREE workshop days for those keen to make up the missing hours this term. Thanks for your continued support.

Zoom link for Wednesday Senior class. (thursdays will come out Thurs morning)

Topic: Senior Class Wednesday
Time: Sep 16, 2020 04:30 PM Auckland, Wellington

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Update 8 September:
No SHREK rehearsal this Sunday, hopefully the next Government update will allow us to meet in person following Sunday

ZOOM LINKS: Below are the zoom links for this week. Classes remain online this week due to social distancing restrictions at our venues. Seniors tomorrow, Wednesday 4:30, Juniors on Thursday 3:45, Advanced Thursday 4:30. No combining this week as too large. These are optional sessions. Once things calm a make up workshop day will be offered to make up missing hours.
Topic: Senior Class Wednesday
Time: Sep 9, 2020 04:30 PM Auckland, Wellington
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Topic: Junior Thursday Class
Time: Sep 10, 2020 03:45 PM Auckland, Wellington
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Topic: Advanced Class Thursday
Time: Sep 10, 2020 04:30 PM Auckland, Wellington
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Update 4 Sept:

Level 2.5 Update for Kids 4 Drama: So not great today for us that it has been extended but we do understand. Our issue is that we use venues used by others, not exclusive. This restricts us. i.e A dance school that owns their own venue can open, schools can use their own venues but currently our venues are not able to let us in under these rules. So, classes will remain online. We will be doing this a little different next week so it is smaller groups by age. More details early next week.

Shrek - This cannot rehearse under these restrictions. BUT as we have already said we as a team have created very much a school holiday intensive version that can be rehearsed hard and fast providing we have access to the venue for the holidays. This Sunday's Zoom session will go on and we will post that link tomorrow. We are not stressed if we don't start until the school holidays and you have to trust us on that, we have been doing this for 30 years! It also means no Chess cast miss anything except the odd short zoom. If however, on the 14th the PM extends the restrictions into the holidays it will not be viable and will be postponed to a new set of dates.

I know this is not ideal and is frustrating. But we are doing our best to manage this within the confines of safety, venue rules and being practical. This is a tough year for all but we are doing our best to keep some drama alive this year.

Take care.

Here is the latest update on ShrekJnr.  For a class update - skip to the next newsletter below.

Kia ora koutou,

Thank you to those who joined us for our Zoom rehearsal on Sunday - it was great fun! We will meet again next Sunday in Zoom Land - however this time we ask that you tune in at your respective times to make it easier on your technological-disadvantaged directors….kidding! But this will allow us to focus on each of your characters and their worlds in more depth.

If you missed last Sunday or forgot your role feel free to email us at [email protected]

We will be setting up a Shrek Facebook group soon so watch this space. 


2:15 - 3:15pm REST OF CAST

At this Zoom rehearsal please have your 1 minute character introduction ready to go! What you choose to include in your introduction is entirely up to you - just as long as you stay in character. You may want to use the tasks we set your individual groups on Sunday to help you.

If this seems a little bit overwhelming particularly for you Juniors, we can always Hot Seat (Interview) you in role as your character instead! For those of you who are in Chess and will not be able to make it, can you please film your introduction and send it in to [email protected]

If anyone has forgotten their role, their character provocations or are not sure which group they are in - feel free to flick us an email on

[email protected]

We look forward to re-meeting you as your character next Sunday!

Our Facebook Group, Kids 4 Drama Auckland, has a full newsletter you can download with all the song links to learn.  We can't post those links on here so if you are not on facebook email [email protected] and we will send you the newsletter straight away.

Taylor & TJ



Hi All. Watch this space for updates this week.

 There will be a Shrek Online Rehearsal this Sunday and you will find out casting. Drama classes will be online from next week. Times etc all to be confirmed in the next few days. Juggle juggle juggle :)  


Hi Everyone,

We thought we would give you a quick update on where things are with Shrek and drama classes.

We do appreciate your patience.  While we know this is separate to kids 4 drama, our production of CHESS was due to open next weekend so we have had to focus on moving that first so apologies for the delay. 

Class wise, IF we move to level 2 next Thursday as anticipated then our Thursday classes will run under the same conditions the school set on us earlier in the year.  Hand Sanitiser will be available, no one can attend if unwell or if they or any member of their household are self isolating and we must only enter through the library carpark gate.  IF the school gates are locked we will unlock them 10 minutes prior to each class and again at the end.  Our Wednesday senior class will start the following week unless our alert level changes before Wednesday 4pm.  So in summary, if we are level 1 or 2 the class will run.  If Level 3 gets extended we will move to an online class.

Now on to Shrek. We are gutted we just got started and had to pause and we are aware you are all waiting to find out your parts.

The good news, we will be continuing with Shrek and it will stage with the same dates.  We will ensure appropriate level 2 restrictions around social distancing and hygiene is observed for rehearsals and obviously if we get plunged back into level 3 or 4 again later we will have to cross that bridge at that time, but under level 2 we can still run but with reduced audience numbers but its looking good to be level 1 by then.

The beauty of Shrek Jnr is that the show is just on an hour 20 rather than the usual two hours plus, so it can be rehearsed under a tight time pressure, we will just be tweaking our rehearsal schedule now to accommodate this, make sure you keep those school holidays free.  Those in Chess can of course finish their obligation there even under the new dates you may end up with.

So it is all systems go for Shrek.

We appreciate cast want to know their roles, BUT we really want to be there with you to explain them all so you understand what your role entails.  So sorry, we are going to make you wait just one more week.  Providing we are at Alert Level 2 for Sunday the 30th of August then we will meet at Blockhouse Bay at 1pm for a rehearsal that day until 5pm.  If however things change and we can’t rehearse that day then we will move it to an online session and will tell you all.  Chess team, if you are rehearsing on this day, I will come to you in the morning.

One way you can help us in the meantime...

We will post up some song links EVERYONE should start learning.  Don’t worry about what role you are just get really familiar with the songs so when we finally meet in person you already know the basics.  These songs are in the post below.

Thanks to you all for your messages of support. These are very challenging times and while many theatres and schools are not staging shows this year we feel providing we can do it safely it is really important to keep the arts alive in your life as it will help with your own mental wellbeing.  

Keep an eye on this page and our facebook group for more updates and a reminder as soon as we move to Level 2, classes and rehearsals will start.


Stephen, Miriam, Taylor and TJ

Kia ora SHREK team,
As mentioned in our wee video update - here are two songs we’d love for you to have a look at before our next rehearsal together.
Freak Flag - one of our favourites! And will definitely need everyones voices to make this Fairytale Character Anthem come alive.
I’m a Believer - similar to the movie version we all know and love - but get listening to this one as it will be the final number of our show!
The aim of this is to get you familiar with the songs - especially those lyrics, so our lovely choreographer, Keri, can come in and get ya dancing!
Thanks so much for your patience! We look forward to singing with you very soon.
Taylor and TJ